Frequently Asked Questions 

We understand that the process of choosing the right benefits broker is not easy.  To help you along this process, we have answered our most frequently asked questions. 

Does every company need a benefits broker?

Companies are not required to utilize a benefits broker.  However, the benefits processes are extremely complicated, costly, and time consuming, so it is commonly outsourced to a third-party (like IBG) with specialized experise.

What does a benefits broker do?

Using specialized expertise, benefits brokers provide advice on what benefits strategy is right for your business. Additionally, brokers  assist with day-to-day administrations & renewals,  relieving an enormous amount of pressure from HR departments & C-Suite Execs. 

Why would I need a benefits broker?

With specialized expertise & access, brokers can go to market on your behalf and get you the most competitive prices & plans. Brokers also provide support for HR departments, both with efficiency solutions & service teams to assist in day to day operations.

What kinds of resources do benefits brokers offer to employers and/or employees?

Every broker offers a different package of value-add services to go along with benefits administration & renewal support.  Discover IBG's value-adds.

How do I know when it's time to talk to a benefits broker?

The reason is always different. Whether you need expert advice on industry trends to be sure your benefits package attracts & retains top talent, or your rates continue to increase and you need a cost-saving solution, benefits brokers are an invaluable resource to companies all over the world.  Book a call with IBG Founder & CEO Tony Maffeo to learn more.

What locations does IBG service?

IBG primarily services businesses in New England, but can service anywhere in the US & Canada!

How much does IBG charge?

We don't charge fees for our employee benefits services! Our commission comes directly from the carriers, so it costs nothing to switch. In fact, IBG saves companies 10-15% on average.

What carriers does IBG support?

From Blue Cross Blue Shield to Harvard to Aflac, IBG supports all of the top local carriers. For a full list of carriers IBG supports, please call our office: 781-438-0098



How do I know if IBG is right for my business?

For over 30 years, IBG has had the honor to service companies ranging from 20-20,000 employees. To find out if IBG is the right fit for your business, talk directly with CEO and Founder Tony Maffeo.

What does the process of switching to IBG look like?

We understand how complicated switching brokers can seem from the outside. As such, we have a tried and tested strategy that makes the process simple.  To learn more, talk to CEO & Founder Tony Maffeo.