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Take back control of your schedule & supercharge your HR & Compliance capabilities.

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Employee Handbook Builder

Build a customized employee handbook for your business; A task that normally costs thousands to outsource can be completed yourself in a few minutes.

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Recruitment Tools

Build custom Job Descriptions, Compliant Interview Questions, Comp Statements, and more in just a few minutes. 

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HR Hotline

Have an HR question? Consult an HR professional anytime, anywhere (Even from your Mobile Device)

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Learning Management System

Provide hundreds of training courses to your employees to ensure a safe & productive work environment. Learn more about the LMS here.

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Build HR & Benefits Documents

Save time and effort with easy-to-use toolkits to help you create relevant HR & Benefits Documents


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Attorney-Backed Content Library

Access thousands of articles, fliers, videos, notices and more back by attorneys and regularly updated with the latest trends & legal changes. 

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