The Argument For Employee Benefits

February 1, 2014 by in category Why Offer Benefits? with 0 and 0

Every year, the cost of benefits goes up.  Rules and regulations governing their administration grow more complicated.  And then there’s the Affordable Care Act…  It’s enough to make an employer wonder whether to stop offering benefits and face the ACA’s penalties next year.  But doing so could put your firm at a disadvantage…here’s why.

Employees Want Benefits

In survey after survey, employees rank benefits as one of the most important factors in their job satisfaction.  They also affect your ability to recruit and retain talented employees.  EBRI, the Employee Benefits Research Institute, says, “… one-quarter (25 percent) of employees report that they have accepted, quit, or changed jobs because of the benefits, other than salary or wage level, that an employer offered or failed to offer.”

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