Putting the “Human” back in “Human Resources”

May 12, 2016 by in category Employee Benefits with 0 and 0

Affordable Care Act, Medicare Part D Notices, Exchange notices, MA Sick Leave Law, 1095, 6055/6056, COBRA, SPD Wrap Docs, FMLA, etc…

These are just a few of the day-to-day or annual challenges facing Human Resource professionals today. As I discuss all of these with my clients I come to one common realization, there is nothing “human” about spending your day chasing your tail making sure your company is complying with all of the new regulations and changes going on in the HR/Benefits Arena. A common trait amongst those in the Human Resources profession is that they love working and interacting with people. They enjoy recruiting and finding the top talent, helping that talent grow professionally and personally within their organization, designing and developing ways to help their company accomplish their overall company Strategic Goals. The problem facing so many Human Resource professionals these days is the fact that there is an incredible amount of outside pressure to ensure compliance within their organization.

The inherit issue with putting on the Compliance “hat” is that the “human” part of Human Resources often falls by the wayside to allow for more time to ensure organization compliance. HR professionals are sitting in seminars, webinars and HR roundtables to suck up as much information as they can from Attorneys, Payroll Specialist, Legislature, and Brokers on each and ever one of these challenges.

These challenges are not going to dissolve or simply go away with new leadership or governmental changes. Ignoring they exist is simple ignorance and can put a company in a very trying financial situation for non compliance. It is imperative for companies to find the right partner; a partner that will work hand in hand with their clients to ensure overall compliance. A proactive, committed partner can allow HR to regain the “Human” part of human resources.

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